Welcome to a Magickal world full of beauty, balance and life.

I am a healer and teacher and find myself most often offering healing, protection and clearings for people, answering questions about  shamanism, reiki, Paganism and crystals.

Here is a recent painting I have created that I was urged to share with others because of her healing energy that can be received by viewing the picture.  Enjoy.

Mary of strength and grace:

I would like to offer to you a pdf copy of The Common Book of Witchcraft and Wicca shared with me by  Witch School International online education.

Please click the link below to download your copy.  I claim no financial interests in the creation or sharing of this publication.  I make no claims to be in full agreement with the contents of the book, as I am going through it at this time myself.  I simply share this with you with an open heart and a desire to expand people's minds about what I feel so passionate about.  In Love and Light.

The Common Book of
Witchcraft and Wicca
From The Ancestors
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Marie L. Tucker, Earth Witch, Healer/Teacher/Artist