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Empowering women with healing from the heart of the Divine Feminine.  

Healing sessions offered by Marie Tucker are delivered with compassion and understanding.  The session is tailored to the individual and based on their needs at the time. What you can expect during your session: stress relief, validation of your emotions, energy shifts & releases, raising of your energy vibration, clearing and activation of your chakras. you will feel comforted, understood and uplifted as your guides and angels work through Marie to bring you the healing you need and deserve. $60 per session which lasts typically 45-60 minutes, including counsel as needed.

The Goddess has great love for all of humanity and she expresses this through the beauty of nature, through the love in a mother's eyes, through the touch of a true lover in divine union, through ritual and ceremony and through healing our physical, mental and most of all our emotional pains.

Channeling the Goddess energy has enhanced my other healing modalities of shamanism, reiki and crystal healing.  The Goddess plays through me as my Muse in my paintings and other creative items.  She nurtures me when I am in nature and I have my hands in her fertile soil.  She speaks to me through animals and plants and draws me in through the trees and forest.

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