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It has taken me many years and many turns on my journey to find the path that speaks to my soul.   This 5th lifetime as a witch has found me on a very organic earth based way of healing for my self and others.  

Teaching is one of my great loves and I enjoy sharing the techniques with others that I have learned as a Shamanic Practitioner and Teacher, a Crystal and Reiki Healer and Teacher, and a Goddess Healer and Guide.

The products that I create are channeled from the Goddess and my Spirit Guides and include healing tools such as smudge fans, wands, prayer feathers.  I also offer earth magick items such as flower essences, sage sprays, moon blessed waters and anointing oils; as well as spell kits and more.  And then there is the muse who likes to paint and create things like Spirit Bottles, offering dishes, amulets and other altar items.

I love working with others in offering Moon ceremonies at the New Moon and Full Moon cycles, occasional fire circles, meditation classes, and classes on the Divine Feminine.

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Call to schedule a healing session or reading at 207-841-5523